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Yainu Nugire (ヤイヌ・ヌギレ, Yainu Nugire) was the shipwright of the Black Cat Pirates and the crew member who was killed three years prior to Luffy's visit to Syrup Village by the Navy. His name was not mentioned in either the anime or manga, but was later revealed in the second databook.


Voice Actor: Not Known (English), Masaya Onosaka (Japanese)

Yainu has a square-shaped face with small, round glasses and his black hair combed back neatly. He wears a red shirt with his crew's jolly roger on the front, and regular pants and shoes.

He was given the captain's jacket to wear, which was black with red interior and the crew's symbol on the shoulder pads, when he was handed over to the Navy. Overall, Yainu has a passing resemblance to his captain, Kuro, to the point where the Navy were not able to tell the difference.









Abilities and PowersEdit

Yainu was the shipwright of the crew, and as such, he was responsible for repairing and maintaining the Bezan Black. In the anime, he was seen wielding a standard cutlass for battle.



Three years prior to the series' start, when Kuro had decided to give up on his life as a pirate due to the constant assaults by the Navy, Django saw Yainu to be a perfect sacrificial lamb for Kuro's plan. Because Yainu bore a passing resemblance to his captain, he was hypnotized by Django into believing he was Kuro, and was captured by Morgan, the only member of a Navy crew to survive Kuro's wrath. Morgan was also hypnotized to believe that Yainu was Kuro. Yainu was then brought to the Shells Town Navy Base and executed under the name of Captain Kuro of a Thousand Plans, thus freeing the real Black Cat captain of his unwanted pirate life.


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Trivia & ReferencesEdit

  • His name is an anagram of (Nureginu Iya", 濡れ衣いや), which means "[I] do not like a false charge". Ironically, a 'false charge' is technically how he met his end.

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