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The Wano Kingdom (ワノ王国, Wano Ōkoku), otherwise known as the Wano Country (ワノ国, Wano Kuni), is a nation in the New World. It is a country not affiliated with the World Government.

Wano Country has its own warriors, the Samurai (侍, samurai), who are swordsmen so strong that not even the Navy go near them. It was first mentioned by Hogback, as Ryuma was from there, with his fellow comrades. In the Wano Country, women are expected to be modest and speak gracefully and quietly. In addition, the chonmage is a common hairstyle. Aside from Ryuma and his friends, the only other known residents are Kin'emon, his son Momonosuke, and Kanjuro.




List of People in Wano Kingdom/CountryEdit



After his death, the legendary samurai Ryuma was buried in Wano Country. His legacy made him a national hero.


At one point in time, Ace D. Portgaz went to Wano Country and learned how to make a kasa, later making one for Little Oars Jr.

Kin'emon was born in a place in Wano Country called Kuri (九里, Kuri).

Some time after Kin'emon was born, someone robbed Ryuma's grave and made off with Ryuma's corpse as well as his sword, Shusui. This incident was considered a disaster that brought the country to its knees. When Kin'emon saw that Zolo had Shusui, he thought Zolo was the culprit.

Trivia and ReferencesEdit

  • The name is a pun, as "Wa no Kuni (和の国; literally meaning "Country of Harmony")" is used as a name for Japan.
  • The fact that the swordsmen in this country are called "samurai" and its closed-door policy are also a reference to Japan in their Feudal era.
  • The location Kuri means "Nine Li", Li being a unit of measurement originating from China, but adopted in Korea and Japan, roughly being 500, 393, and 3927 meters, respectively. Since Wano Country is based on Japan, Kuri may be translated as "35,345 meters" or "21.96 miles".

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