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"Heavy Drinker" Vasco Shot

Vasco Shot (バスコ・ショット, Basuko Shotto), also known as the "Heavy Drinker" Vasco Shot (大酒のバスコ・ショット, Ōzake no Basuko Shotto), was one of the legendary criminals who was given a life sentence in Level 6 of Impel Down. He was freed by Teech D. Marshall and is currently a member of his crew.


Voice Actor: Not Known (English), Naoki Tatsuta (Japanese)

Vasco is a very large, round man - of all the Blackbeard Pirates, his size is second only to Wolf San Juan. Having been brought out recently from Impel Down, he is first seen wearing the said prison's standard inmate attire of white and black horizontal stripes. He has a very long nose and smiles drunkenly with his tongue sticking out. Strangely, it appears his nose is placed higher on his face than his eyes. He also has a rather large forehead and what appears to be a jester's hat on his head. On the sides of his neck, he has two sets of three rings pierced on. His skin is colored pink, probably because of the large amounts of liquor he consumes, making him drunk. His birthday is August 5th.

True to his moniker, he is also seen chugging on a large gourd of liquor upon his introduction, has a drunken appearance from it, and wanted to invade a town simply because they were low on alcohol. He seems to wear the gourd on his back. It has the kanji "sake" (酒) on the bottom section.



He appears to have a very vicious personality as he asked Blackbeard for permission to kill all the people at Navyford regardless of their strength. As his epithet suggests, he is a drunk, and loves to drink all the time, to the point of complaining that they should invade a town only to get more alcohol. It is unknown how much of his drunkenness influences his sober personality. Like many characters in Fairy One Piece Tail he has a unique laughter style: "Toputoputoputopu...".







Abilities and PowersEdit

His abilities have not yet been shown, but he was powerful enough to be contained in Level 6 of Impel Down when caught by the World Government. He was shown using dual pistols against Whitebeard. Another testament to his power is the fact that when Blackbeard recruited the Level 6 prisoners, he only chose the strongest ones that could survive when pitted against everyone else in a free-for-all battle.


He was seen using dual pistols to shoot Whitebeard.



Imprisonment in Impel DownEdit

Vasco Shot was once one of the most feared criminals in the world, but was eventually caught by the World Government and was given a life sentenced in level 6 of Impel Down where he was effectively erased from history.

Vasco was mentioned briefly by Ivankov Emporio as part of an explanation of Level 6's true horror to Bentham.


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Later, under Teech D. Marshall's orders, Shot fought to the death with the inmates of his cell, and being victorious, was given freedom and was recruited into the Blackbeard Pirates.

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