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Syrup-Syrup Fruit

The Syrup-Syrup Fruit (アメアメ実, Ame Ame Mi) is a Logia-class Cursed Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into candy syrup at will, turning the user into a Syrup Human. "Ame" (飴) means "candy". It was eaten by the main antagonist of the movie, Gasparde.

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This Cursed Fruit allows the user to transform into a kind of green-colored candy syrup. The user cannot be hit nor sliced because his body will just absorb the impact or take the blade which also immobilizes the attacker which then allows the user to pummel his enemy. The user can use it to either make himself syrup-like (with sticky properties to trap the opponent) or intensely solid. Despite being syrup, it seems to be inedible, as seen when Luffy tried to contain Gasparde in his mouth, only to be forced to spit him back out.


Like most other Logia Cursed Fruits, this one has a weakness that can nullify its intangibility: flour. When flour comes in contact with the user, he loses his stickiness and he is vulnerable to physical attacks. Also, Gasparde seemed to have not mastered his powers, as when he was struck by a mast of the Salamander from behind, he claimed that it hurts. Other than that, the user is also affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Gasparde has mostly been seen using this fruit for combat purposes. His primary method of attack is transforming parts of his body into spikes of hardened syrup to pierce his opponents, as well as covering his entire body full of spikes and launching himself forward to heavy impalement.

He also uses the stickiness of the syrup to trap his opponents in his body and pummel them and using the syrupy properties to mimic Luffy's rubber elasticity powers. As a Logia power, Gasparde can turn into liquid syrup to let attacks bypass him, evading harm.






  • Although Logia-class Cursed Fruit users cannot control their elements if they are in another state of matter, Gasparde seems to be different, being able to control his syrup in either solid or semi-liquid state. This may be because syrup hardens over time.
  • The way Gasparde uses the fruit's powers in combat is similar to the Spike-Spike Fruit, as both are used to produce spikes as their main method of offense. The main difference between the two is while the Spike-Spike Fruit is only able to produce spikes, the Syrup-Syrup Fruit is hardened syrup that Gasparde then shapes into spikes, giving the latter more versatility.


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