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Eneru's Warriors/Sky Lord's Army

Sky Lord's Army or Eneru's Warriors were a group of Birkas on Upper Yard who fought in Eneru's name.


Vassals (神官, Shinkan), are the four men who serve under Eneru. They are his strongest followers and, short of Eneru himself, the greatest threat to the Straw Hat Pirates and Team Natsu during the Skypiea arc. Each have their own unique Dials-based weapons. All of them can use Mantra to predict what his opponents will do before they attack, and dodge them effectively. They first appeared in Chapter 254 and Episode 167. The four Vassals are:


Sky Lord's EnforcersEdit

Main article: Sky Lord's Enforcers

Other than the priests, Eneru has 50 warriors called the Enforcers (神兵, Shinpei) are 50 warriors, who serves to fight for him (other than the vassals). Yama is the leader, while Hotori and Kotori are lieutenants of the group. They have strange pendent organs on both sides of the head and horns. The Enforcers all act like goats, as in they bleat out words when they talk. Each of them is armed with an Axe Dial, which fires out an invisible blade to attack enemies, and each wear a Jet Ski Wavers, which allows them to travel through the clouds.{

White BeretsEdit

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The White Berets (ホワイトベレー, Howaito Berē) are similar to the police of the Blue Seas. They enforce the rules of Skypiea under Eneru's rule, but in truth they despise him and only obey him for the sake of the Skypiea's citizens; upon realizing his intention of killing everyone in Skypiea, the police force turned against him. The White Berets are led by McKinley.


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