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Silk (シルク, Shiruku) was the abandoned child of a pirate and a character from Romance Dawn Story. She aided Luffy D. Monkey in her efforts to defeat Crescent-Moon Gary when he attempted to take over the town she was living in. She said she had heard of Tiger when Luffy mentioned his father and Shanks savior as a child and that they are one of the most famous pirates in the world.


Voice Actor: Not Known (English), Kaya Matsutani (Japanese)

Silk is a tall and slim woman with blond hair and brown eyes. She wears a blue T-shirt and a green and white skirt.



She is very protective of her town and considers it her treasure. She is willing to risk her life to defend it. She understands that not all pirates are bad and shows compassion towards pirates like Luffy. A lot of the people in the town do not take her seriously, suggesting her confidence is high but her actions do not usually yield results.







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Silk wields a sword and she is very skilled at fighting with it.



As a baby, Silk was abandoned by pirates who raided her village. The people in the town took her in and raised her as their own without any ill-will toward her, even though the pirates who left her had ravaged the village.


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