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Ross (ロス, Rosu) is a former member of the Bellamy Pirates.


Voice Actor: Tyson Rinehart (English), Osamu Ryūtani (Japanese)

Ross is a muscular man with the upper-half of his face always hidden by his light-blue baseball cap, which has the letters "ALLR" written on it. He wears a fur-lined dark-brown jacket, a green sash, and spotted green pants.



Ross is taciturn and has spoken only a single line of dialogue thus far, this being about Cricket's possible reasons for wanting to find the Golden City. He obeys Bellamy's orders without question, and seems to have a certain confidence in his captain's strength, as he was shown to be shocked after Bellamy's humiliating defeat at Luffy's hand. He also seems to be rather violent, as seen when he smashes Luffy's head into a window, when he could of simply just thrown him out of the bar.







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Ross was shown to be of greater than average strength, being able to pick Luffy up by his head and smash him forcefully into a window. Later, when the Bellamy Pirates confront the Saruyama Alliance, he is seen fighting with a sword against Shojo and Masira, although his skill with it is uncertain, as he was swiftly defeated by the two pirate captains.




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