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Panz Fry

Panz Fry (パンズフライ, Panzufurai) is an anime-only giant who appeared during the Z's Ambition Arc. He is the father of Lily Enstomach. His bounty is 320,000,000 berries.


Voice Actor: Not Known (English), Tomomichi Nishimura (Japanese)

Panz Fry is a giant with a bulky build, long, wild, green hair and beard, pointed pink markings on his cheeks and nose, and thick lips. He is dressed in the traditional viking wear with a chef's hat with horns, golden bracelets, and spoons on his belt.



He is portrayed as very kindhearted (as far as pirates go) from Lily's description of him. He steals food from the Navy, the government, and other pirates, and enjoys nothing more than feeding those who are starving.







Abilities and PowersEdit

As a giant, tremendous physical strength is a given. He also possesses extremely well-developed cooking skills.

Cooking AbilityEdit

Panz Fry seems to be a notorious cook and an expert of Volcano Cooking (火山料理, Kazan Ryōri), a particular type of dish cooked with the heat from magma.

  • Sea Animal Churrasco (海獣シュラスコ, Kaijū Shurasuko): Skewered Sea King meat cooked directly in a volcano's magma and flavored with special volcanic herbs.
  • Thousand People Paella (千人パエリア, Sen-nin Paeria): Stated to be his best dish by his daughter Lily, it is made with fried bread and seafood and cooked in a giant frying pan.


Panzy Fry's main weapon is a gigantic metal Soup Ladle he swings like a club. However he also uses it mainly to cook. It was broken when he fought Momonga. However, it is presumed he probably has more. He also uses his cooking pan as a weapon, if he needs to.



He attacked many Navy and Pirate ships to steal their food so he could cook and feed starving people for which he gained a bounty and fame for even Sanji said he had heard of him. He was eventually defeated and caught by Vice Admiral Momonga when he attacked his ship.


Z's Ambition ArcEdit

Major BattlesEdit

Trivia & ReferencesEdit

  • He has the largest known non-canon bounty.
  • His name may have come from "pan frying", in reference to his status as a chef.
  • Despite being Lily Enstomache's father, they have different family names.

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