Nefeltari Family (picture unavailable)

The Nefeltari Family (ネフェルタリ家, Neferutari-ke) is a royal bloodline clan ruling the Alabasta Kingdom from at least eight-hundred years ago and one of the twenty royal families which founded the World Government.


The only known members so far are the king of Alabasta Nebra Nefeltari, his deceased wife Titi Nefeltari and their daughter Vivi Nefeltari, but at least eleven Nefeltari bloodline's kings have ruled Alabasta before Cobra.



In Alabasta's history at least twelve Nefeltari bloodline's kings have ruled Alabasta. Eight-hundred years ago, the king of the time and his family joined nineteen other royal families to create the World Government, but unlike them, he did not abandon his country to live in Marie Jois.

Trivia & ReferencesEdit

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