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Lily (リリー, Rirī) is a former member of the Bellamy Pirates. She was first seen with Sirkees on Jaya Island. She was the only member of the minor crew members in Bellamy's crew that was openly named. Lily appeared in most of the events the crew were involved with during the Jaya Arc. She was last seen when Doflamingo came to punish Bellamy.


Voice Actor: Trina Nishimura (English), Yuko Sumitomo (Japanese)

Lily is a blonde girl wearing a red bandana, sunglasses, and a white shirt that exposes her cleavage. She has an hourglass figure that is fairly developed, and is usually seen with a grin of pride or arrogance. Her sleeves are blue fur that lay downwards which do not seem to go with the rest of her outfit.



Lily seemed to boast the same overconfident personality that the rest of her crew mates demonstrated. She was most noted for telling Sirkees not to waste money on Luffy, Natsu Zolo, Erza, Gray and Nami when he threw money at them and acted snobby towards them, believing them to be beneath her. When Nami rejects Sirkees who had asked to buy her off the Straw Hat Pirates, she and Mani exchange glances of disbelief.







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