Kuromarimo (クロマーリモ, Kuromārimo) is the magistrate of Wapol's rule, and is the highest-ranking law officer below Wapol.


Voice Actor: Charles Baker (English), Kenji Nomura (Japanese)

He sports a long, orange cloak, with white lining, and black afros at each end, and white afros hanging from the front. He wears gloves that cover all fingers but his thumb, and resemble an afro. He has a large black afro on his head, and three small ones on his beard. He is of medium height and normal weight. He wears a shirt that's orange in the middle and white on the sides with light yellow buttons, along with orange shorts. He has hairy legs, and black boots with white laces. (resembling a boxer).



Kuromarimo is selfish and arrogant. Despite this, he is extremely loyal to Wapol.







Abilities and PowersEdit

Kuromarimo has the ability to do many tricks with said afros, from ejecting spikes from them to shooting them off and using them to constrict opponents.


  • Marimo's Cling Attack (エレキ)マーリモ, Ereki-Mārimo): Kuromarimo throws an afro shaped hairball at his opponent that sticks to the opponent with a strong static cling. While the Afros themselves are not that dangerous they do burn quite well and make great targets for Chess' Checkmate attack.
  • Marimo's Spike Ball Surprise Attack (ビックリマーリモ, Bikkuri Mārimo): Kuromarimo exposes spikes protruding from his Afro gloves and attempts to crush his opponent.



Kuromarimo became the magistrate after Wapol became king. He approved everything that Wapol did, including eliminating all of the doctors on Drum Island, except the Isshi-20.

One day, Blackbeard arrived on Drum Island and began the destruction of the island. Kuromarimo, along with Chess, followed Wapol who cowardly escaped it. For a whole year in exile, he spent his life as a pirate.



Major BattlesEdit

Trivia & ReferencesEdit

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