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Jude Heartfilia

Jude Heartfilia (ジュード・ハートフィリア, Jūdo Hātofiria) was the husband of Layla Heartfilia, father of Lucy Heartfilia, and the former owner of the Heartfilia Konzern.


Voice Actor: Bill Jenkins (English), Banjo Ginga (Japanese)

Jude was a relatively tall, middle aged man with black eyes and blonde hair. He used to keep his hair trimmed, and wore expensive suits, but when he later lost all of his money he sported longer hair, ragged clothes and an unruly beard. His pre-timeskip age was 38, while his post-timeskip age before he died was 40.



Jude used to be a cold-hearted man. He neglected his daughter and put all his time and effort into his company, which resulted in Lucy running away from home. According to Lucy, her dad never cared for her. However his attitude towards his daughter seemed to change once he lost his fortune, and he appeared to become more kind to his daughter. On an unrelated note, Jude's sense for money was extremely poor, as he believed he needed 100,000 berries to get from Magnolia Town to Acalypha when it was possible to get there on foot.







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Years ago, Jude met Layla Heartfilia at the Love & Lucky Merchant's Guild. The letter "K" had fallen off of the sign, which had left an impression on the two parents-to-be, deciding that if they had a daughter, her name would be Lucy. Once Lucy was born, Jude and Layla left the guild and he established his own business, The Heartfilia Konzern.

When Lucy was in her younger years Layla died, and Jude became cold and neglectful towards Lucy, so much that Lucy had to run away. A year after Lucy ran away he sent Phantom Lord a job requesting that they find Lucy and bring her home, which sparked the war between the Fairy Tail Guild and the Phantom Lord Guild.

Months within 2 years ago before Jude died, after the Archaeological Society discovered the Clock hand, Jude somehow found it in his possession.

An archaeologist named Jean-Luc Neville placed Clock hand in Jude's possession. Jean-Luc had wrapped the hand with a Magic Cloth, because the Clock hands high level of Magic would allow it to be tracked easily. Jude promises Jean-Luc that he will seal away the Clock hand in another place before bidding him farewell.


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