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Hardy (ハーディ, Hādi) is an anime-only Navy Lieutenant Commander from East Blue, serving as a commander in the Navy's 8th Division. He appears in the Warship Island Arc. He is a subordinate of Commodore Nelson Royale who sent him after Apis, along with Eric.


Voice Actor: Ed Blaylock (English), Masaya Takatsuka (Japanese)

Hardy has a standard Navy uniform along with a coat. He also has a black mustache.



While a believer of Absolute Justice in catching pirates, Hardy seems to lean towards a more lenient version of the code, showing care for his men's lives. This is in stark contrast to Nelson, who only wishes to fulfill his own desires and could care less about the people working under him. Hardy does not seem to get along very well with Eric, as they frequently bicker whenever they share a scene together.







Abilities and PowersEdit

As a Lieutenant Commander he has command over those with a lower rank.




Warship Island ArcEdit

He found Apis with the Straw Hat Pirates and Fairy Tail where he then proceeded to chase them. When he saw they had entered the Calm Belt he immediately informed his men to cease pursuit for he did not wish to endanger his men's lives.

Later, when the 8th Division invades Warship Island, he was surprised to see that Luffy had Cursed Fruit abilities. Even though the pirates escaped the island, Hardy and his men decided to go after them, only to see the Going Merry vanish into thin air. Despite his protests, Eric ordered him to let him borrow a boat so that he could pursue the Straw Hats. When Eric returned unsuccessful, Hardy made a snide remark to Eric under his breath and told his men to continue the chase. His fate after this is unknown.

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