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Governor (ガバナー, Gabanā) is the main antagonist of the 3rd Special Fairy One Piece Tail episode. He is a corrupt Navy Commander who once served under Randolph during his time in the Navy.


Voice Actor: Not Known (English), Issei Futamata (Japanese)

Governor wears a black suit along with a standard Navy coat.



Governor only cared about himself and obtaining power.







Abilities and PowersEdit

It is unknown how strong he was, as he rose to his rank through dirty means. As a Navy Commander he has command over all lower ranking soldiers.



Early LifeEdit

Governor believed only in power however and rose to his rank through dirty means, but not before Randolph accused him of murdering his shipmate (which he did) and nearly got him court marshaled. While Governor was dropped of the charges, it set him back on his rise to power and he swore revenge on Randolph.


Mission of RevengeEdit

Which he set in motion on the day of Randolph's final performance by trying to frame the actor that his acting troupe was harboring illegal military weapons and getting Randolph arrested.

He nearly succeeds but Luffy and Natsu breaks Randolph free then they, the Straw Hats and Team Natsu protect his theater ship from the Navy once Governor gives the order for his fleet to sink it. In the end, his own squad abandoned him as Governor always took credit for their accomplishments as well as constantly using the threat of bring tried in a court-martial to get them to cooperate and Governor is sent flying by Luffy.

Major BattlesEdit

Filler BattlesEdit

Trivia & ReferencesEdit

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