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Dog-Dog Fruit, Model: Dachshund

The Dog-Dog Fruit, Model: Dachshund (イヌイヌ実 モデル:ダックスフント, Inu Inu Mi, Moderu: Dakkusufunto) is a Zoan-type Cursed Fruit that allows its user to transform into a dachshund hybrid and a full dachshund at will, making the user a Dachshund Human. "Inu" (犬) is Japanese for "dog". It was "eaten" by Mr. 4's bazooka, Lassoo, through the process developed by Vegapunk.



Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


The most basic strength of the fruit is that it gives its user the strengths of a dachshund. In the case of Mr. 4's gun, the fruit's most major strength is that it has given life to an otherwise inanimate object. Because of the stretched length of a dachshund and the length of a cannon, the matching of the weapon with the power of a dachshund seems appropriate for its circumstance. With this, Mr. 4 has been given a unique weapon to fight with. With the power of the Cursed Fruit, Mr. 4's gun has become a moving turret of sorts.


The fruit so far does not seem to have any specific weaknesses outside the standard Cursed Fruit weaknesses. The fruit however due to giving Mr. 4's gun life, has apparently inadvertently made it susceptible to sickness as seen with Lassoo's cold.


The fruit's bestowed powers have been used to give life to Mr. 4's gun, Lassoo. This has thus created a living and walking turret for which Mr. 4 can use in conjunction with his batting skills. Though this has given Mr. 4 an advantage in battle, due to the fruit's powers, the gun however can used against him in a way. This was seen during Mr. 4 and Ms. Groundhog's Day's battle against Usopp and Chopper. Due to Lassoo's cold and Chopper's quick thinking using his Rumble Scope technique, Chopper was able to use the gun's infected sinuses against the Baroque Works agents. By throwing sand into the gun's nose, Chopper was able to make the gun sneeze and fire into one of Miss Merry Christmas' tunnels thus exploiting a major weakness.

The Cursed Fruit has also been inadvertently used by the gun, Lassoo, itself to think of dreams that would otherwise be impossible for a normal gun. This was seen during Ms. April Fools Day's cover story.






This is the first Cursed Fruit in the series that was seen to have been eaten by an inanimate object.


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