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Chirp Chirp

Chirp Chirp (チャープチャープ, Chāpu Chāpu) is a Super Sparrow ridden by Itomimizu. He and Itomimizu witnessed all the Davy Back Fight games between the Foxy Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates.


Voice Actor: Chris Cason (English), Not Known (Japanese)

Chirp Chirp is a big sparrow, several times the size of an average human.

He has a dark purplish brown beak and the feathers on his back a light brown with dark brown dots and markings at the tips of his wings while his belly feathers are beige.

Just like Itomimizu, Chirp Chirp wears a striped tuque that covers half of his head with holes for the eyes in it. In the manga the holes are triangular, matching the masks of all Foxy Pirates members. In the anime they have a more rounded shape and the dark stripes of the tuque are blue.









Abilities and PowersEdit

Chirp Chirp has no special powers apart from his natural ability to fly. But he is strong enough to carry one person on his back and is smart enough to fly without his rider's directions as seen by how Itomimizu was not seen actively steering him.




Water 7 SagaEdit

Long Ring Long Land ArcEdit

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Filler BattlesEdit

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